On Monday 11th Ocotber, at the magnificent location of Terrazza Caffarelli in Campidoglio (Rome), Stefano received the prestigious award “Anima” for Photography “For the quality of his work that combines environmental commitment and the effectiveness of the narrative“.

The other winners of the 20th anniversary of the Anima Award: “Cosa sarà” by Francesco Bruni (Cinema); Francesca Mannocchi (Journalism); “L’unica persona nera nella stanza” by Nadeesha Uyangoda (Literature); Festival Dominio Pubblico 2021 – La città agli Under 25 (Theater). Special Prize to Andrea Vianello.

The main purpose of “Anima” award is “enhance the contribution made by personalities from the world of art and culture to ethical growth and raise awareness, of companies and public opinion, on the importance of social responsibility and sustainability, as strategic factors for the development of our Country“.

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