This year, Stefano has the honor to sign the Epson Calendar 2013, one of the most prestigious fine art Calendar in Italy. The inaugural ceremony of the Epson Calendar “Equilibri Naturali” will be hold in Milan at “Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia”, the 26th November 2012.


The Epson Calendar 2013 cover


The Epson Calendar is a celebration of the art of photography throughout the work of the Italian Masters of photography. Espon Calendar is produce in limited edition (and each photograph is originally print by Epson) and is not for sale, but this year you have the chance to get a copy of this unique and prestigious Calendar. Epson and Stefano Unterthiner decided to donate fifty copies of the Calendar and fifty limited edition prints (labeled with the Digigraphie logo), both hand-signed by Stefano Unterthiner, to the Wildlife Center “Monte Adone” and particularly, for support their “Wolf Project“.

Make a donation of 200 euros to the “Monte Adone” Wildlife Center to help the italian wolves and receive your copy of the Epson Calendar 2013 and the limited edition print “Confusion” by Stefano Unterthiner. The donations will open from the 27th November 2012 only through the Monte Adone website (


Epson 01


Epson 02


Epson 03The evening at “Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia” to introduce the Epson Calendar 2013