“Ten years of wildlife photography” is the new exhibition presented by Stefano Unterthiner on Saturday 13th August (5.30 p.m.), in Folgaria (Trentino, Italy), at the beautiful “Maso Spilzi”. This is the first photographic exhibition showed at Maso Spilzi, an important and renowned cultural center in Trentino. The exhibition is a retrospective of photographs taken by Stefano Unterthiner during the last ten years: it brings together some of Stefano recent and best known documentary and fine art work. The exhibit, will be open from 13th August to 4th September.



Stefano opening the exhibit (photo, Stéphanie Unterthiner)



 Working to build the exhibit (© Stefano Unterthiner)



The exhibit area at Maso Spilzi (photo, Stéphanie Unterthiner)

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