An impressive number of magazines and newspapers around the globe (see below), published the winning portrait of Troublemaker, which is now a real wildlife “superstar”!


“Troublemaker” 2008 © Stefano Unterthiner 

Here, a non-exhaustive list of the main international coverage for Troublemaker: 

Popular Photography (China), BBC Wildlife Magazine (UK), Focus (Italy), New Zealand Herald (New Zealand), Daily Mirror (UK), National (U.S.), The Sun (UK), Panorama Magazine (Italy), Ein Herz fuer Tiere (Germany), The Daily Telegraph (UK), Przekroj (Poland), Guardian (UK), GEO (Germany), Kleinezeitung (Austria), Luontokuva (Finland), Foto Magazin (Germany), Terre Sauvage (France), The Scotsman (Scotland), Quo (China), National Geographic Kids (Israel), Foto & Video (Russia), ReFoto (Serbia), The Daily Telegraph (UK)