"Il sentiero perduto" book tour

We spent last two months travelling through Italy to present our new book "Il sentiero perduto". During our spring/summer book tour we performed in ten different locations: from Sardegna to Marche, from Valle d'Aosta to Switzerland. Always, with a great and enthusiastic audience! Thanks to all working to made this book tour possible! More dates are planned for next autumn… Stay tuned!


Sarezzo (BS), San Faustino theatre, April 2015 (photo by Stéphanie Unterthiner)


Comacchio (FE), Asferico Festival, May 2015 (photo by Stéphanie Unterthiner)


Tesserete (Switzerland), June 2015 (photo by Davide Adamoli)



TG Leonardo

A few weeks ago, the TV journalist Maurizio Menicucci visited The Little Wild Gallery, at Forte di Bard, to meet Stefano for an interview to the popular italian scientific news program "TG Leonardo". Below, the link to this latest Stefano's TV interview (starting from 6':21"). Enjoy!



Dusky-leaf monkey

My latest story, the dusky-leaf monkey, is featured in the May issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine. There are seven subspecies of dusky leaf monkey (Trachypithecus obscurus) found across Burma, Malaysia and Thailand, where these images was taken. Outside a few areas in Thailand, the animals face multiple threats including illegal hunting and habitat loss. They are listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN’s Red List. 




Il sentiero perduto

My NEW book Il sentiero perduto is now available! Il sentiero perduto is published by Ylaios, our publishing house.



A book that celebrates the Gran Paradiso National Park, through the story of a great photographer. Il sentiero perduto will transport you to another world, in the tracks of a man searching for himself and a renewed bond with wild nature.



We also published Il sentiero perduto Limited Edition. This unique edition extends to only a 100 copies, each individually numbered and signed by Stefano Unterthiner. The fine print included in the work is a limited run and Digigraphie certified. The box cover is handmade in Italy.



Gran Paradiso - National Geographic

New article by Stefano Unterthiner in the February issue of National Geographic Magazine! Stefano had the chance to work on a two years project covering for the Magazine the first Italian National Park: the Gran Paradiso. This long term project will be also featured in a new coffee table book, which will be available in April 2015. Stay tuned!


Gran Paradiso web news© 2015 Stefano Unterthiner/National Geographic



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