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Shots from the field - Japan, March 2010

Shots from the field


Just before to back home, the dance of the Japanese crane during an eavy snowfall...





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Shots from the field - Japan, February 2010

Shots from the field


A red fox crossing a field near by a lake, in North Hokkaido; a simple and graphic image I like particularly.





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Video - From Sweden, "The ambassadors of spring"




For his last mission for Wild Wonders of Europe, Stefano Unterthiner spent a week in Hornborga (Sweden) photographing the cranes. In April 2009, over 18.000 cranes were counted in Hornborga, in a single day: in this video some images from this fascinating spring migration to the north.



Interview from the TV show "Alle falde del Kilimangiaro" - November 2009


Live on the Italian TV show "Alle falde del Kilimangiaro" (Rai 3), Stefano interviewed about his work with the brown bear in Finland and his new book "The nights of the bear" (Sunday, 22 November 2009).


Here, the 1st part



and the 2nd one


Shots from the field - Italy, September 2009

Shots from the field


Photographing for a project focus on water in the Alps, I enjoyed looking for some intriguing images. I shoot this one during a raining day. I hope you like it...





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