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Shots from the field - Abruzzo, February 2016

Shots from the field

From my Instagram feed @stefanounterthiner. A male deer photographed at dawn in a remote valley in the Abruzzo region, central Italy. For fine prints and books, please visit The Little Wild Galley @stefanounterthiner @natgeo #dawn #silhouette #wildlife


© 2016 Stefano Unterthiner



PROOF - Picturing a World Where Animals Are Seen as Individuals


In a recent National Geographic PROOF, Stefano said: "Wildlife is not just a species, but a group of individuals with their own personalities and their own specific behavior in the group. Some are more shy, more strong, more sad, more happy. If you start understanding this, then you should completely reconsider the relationship we have with other species overall. And not only with wildlife but also with the billions of individuals we use as livestock. When we start thinking about other individuals rather than other species, it becomes more difficult not to pay attention.”


Read more here about Stefano's fondest memories photographing wildlife and the intimate images that came from those experiences.





Video - A behind the scene from "Il sentiero perduto" -





From my latest book "Il sentiero perduto" a behind-the-scene video shoot in the Gran Paradiso National Park. Images by Stéphanie Unterthiner. Text by Stefano Unterthiner performed by Paola Corti.




Shots from the field - Alps, November 2014

Shots from the field

From my Instagram feed @stefanounterthiner. A red fox sleeping in the snow using the tail as a pillow. This is a shot from my upcoming story on the Gran Paradiso National Park (#Italy) in the National Geographic Magazine. #GranParadiso #fox #snow @natgeo


© 2014 Stefano Unterthiner/National Geographic



PROOF - Close Encounters With a Komodo


Heading to the remote Indonesian island of Rinca to photograph a modern-day dinosaur was all Stefano Unterthiner’s idea. A zoologist as well as a photographer, he says: “I have always been fascinated by working with the Komodo dragon. [The Komodo] is full of mystery.” That, coupled with the fact that the giant lizard is a threatened species, its habitat limited to a few islands in the Indonesian archipelago, “I thought it would be a perfect story for National Geographic.”


Click here the full interview to Stefano by Alexa Keefe


© 2012 Stefano Unterthiner/National Geographic



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